Pruning Services

While Stump Grinding & Pruning are not necessary steps in the tree removal process, we at ArborForce highly recommend you consider the benefits stump grinding and regular tree pruning may provide to your property.

Why regularly pruning your trees is important

  • Without proper pruning, trees, growing in the direction of sunlight, can progressively create hazardous situations to surrounding structures: leaning over homes and vehicles and encroaching on electrical wiring.
  • This could lead to even more expensive services and severe long-term damage involving costly emergency tree removals, structural repairs, and decreased property values.
  • This all creates a myriad of potential liabilities for both residential and commercial customers where you could be held liable for trees covering lamp posts (obscuring visibility in common areas like parking lots), destroying city or neighboring property, and causing power interruptions (in the case of trees encroaching on power lines).
  • You can mitigate this risk significantly through something we call directional pruning. With directional pruning, we can alter the path that your tree and its limbs grown in. However, this is only possible if done regularly and if growth has not already reached a point past the ability to fix. To assess the state of your tree work needs, we can have one of our certified arborists visit your home and provide an estimate.