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Tree Removal

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If it has been agreed that removal is the best solution, ArborForce Tree Services can provide full-service tree clearing and clean-up. We can carefully remove any size tree with minimal damage to surrounding trees and landscaping. Every proposal includes take-down, chipping, clean-up and haul-off services as part of the job. You can hire ArborForce Tree Services with confidence, knowing that all our workers are insured and professional. It’s the quality and service we guarantee.

Stump Removal

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Every project estimate for tree removal includes chipping and haul-off as part of the tree services we provide to the Atlanta, GA, area. However, stump grinding is not typically part of the overall price. When ArborForce Tree Services removes a tree, we cut the trunk within inches of the surrounding ground level. If you prefer not to have these stumps, we can offer cost-effective solutions for removal. Stump grinding mulches the existing tree roots several inches below the surface hiding as it decays naturally.


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As trees age they add growth towards natural light sources. Even though this growth is natural, it can often add un-natural weight and stress on a tree’s base or root system. If a tree is not thinned or pruned properly, stress can make it more vulnerable to disease or storm damage. Trimming can also extend the life of some softer wood trees like Bradford Pears or Cedar trees.

Emergency Services

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Atlanta weather can be unpredictable and can change very quickly. If you have storm damage at any time day or night, we recommend that you first try and contact your insurance provider to verify coverage. Be aware that all insurance policies require that you secure your residence, to try and prevent further damage as soon as possible. Your policy should reimburse you for any reasonable expenses related to any structure tree removal and tarps needed to cover property damage.

ArborForce Tree Services is ready to respond to these emergencies 24/7 even during weekends and holidays to help secure your property. We will then work with you to provide the proper estimates and paperwork needed to submit to your insurance company.

Risk Assessment

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Determining your exposure to the risk of tree-related damage is crucial to property management. ArborForce Tree Services will help you prioritize work schedules to minimize property damage from storms, reduce catastrophic tree failures, and provide preventative tree maintenance. While no tree is ever considered completely risk-free, our tree care professionals will discuss strategies to maintain your tree risk at acceptable levels. We also can provide Certified Arborist® documentation for insurance requests and tree removal permitting.

Tree Preservation

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Conserving trees retains property value, curb appeal, and countless environmental benefits. We help our customers weigh the benefits of retaining their trees. Our team will discuss options for improving your landscape through pruning, stand thinning, fertilization and pest management. We also provide sensitive care to aging trees, balancing the right amount of pruning and root treatment to keep your mature trees thriving in tough conditions.

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